Sette Bike Winner from Miles For MiraclesAt the Monster Energy Supercross race in Las Vegas, Miles 4 Miracles picked the winners of the Sette road bike and the San Manuel 450 Yamaha motorcycle which were raffled off from donation tickets purchased over the course of Jimmy Button’s preparation and ride across the United States for spinal cord research.

The Sette road bike was won by Las Vegas local, Paul Walker. The lucky winner purchased his donation raffle ticket on Saturday afternoon at the stadium and took it home with him that evening.

AJ Maggio from Pembroke Pines was the winner of the San Manuel 450 Yamaha motorcycle. AJ joined the Miles 4 Miracles ride while in Florida and had the opportunity to ride with Jimmy and the Miles 4 Miracles crew the final 2 days into Daytona Beach, Florida. AJ was notified on Saturday that he was the winner of the motorcycle and graciously donated the bike back to the charity requesting it be raffled or sold with all proceeds benefiting Miles 4 Miracles. “I can’t thank AJ enough for his incredible generosity,” said Jimmy.

Miles 4 Miracles would like to thank everyone who made a donation towards the raffle and would like to give a big thank you to Sette Bikes and L&M Racing San Manuel Yamaha for the motorcycle donation and their support of the Miles 4 Miracles charity ride.

FLMX - Jimmy Button Coast to Coast - Read Article
FOX - New Orleans - Jimmy Button cross-country bike ride gives inspiration - Once-paralyzed man completes cross-country bike journey
FORT WALTON BEACH – On Jimmy Button’s left elbow is a scar, a not-so-subtle reminder of the nasty spill he took just five weeks ago while riding his Sette road bicycle on a stretch of highway in Liberty, Texas. Read More...

Supercross Weekend in St. Louis M4M Benefit

The 2011 Monster Energy AMA Supercross makes its annual stop in St. Louis this weekend! The racing has been incredible this year, so it’s a safe bet there will be plenty of excitement on Saturday. The fun will continue on Sunday as we host our annual Day After Supercross practice event. This year, we’re pleased to announce a special activity to help former Factory Yamaha racer, Jimmy Button, with his amazing fundraising project – Miles for Miracles.   Read More...

Cyclist rides across the country for paralysis research - LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC)
Jimmy Button’s M4M Cross Country Ride: Week 6 Update

After a simple fall sidelined Jimmy last week, it didn’t take him long to get back in the saddle. In short: His fall came Monday, March 21st and he spent the day in the Emergency Room. He flew back to Southern California on Tuesday and had surgery on Wednesday where pins and a plate were put in his left arm. Thursday through Sunday was spent recovering at home. By Monday the cast was off, and on Wednesday stitches taken out, and Jimmy was released by his doctor! Read More...

Fox News San Antonio - March 16, 2011
Motocross Legend Stops in El Paso:

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Disabled San Marcos man bikes across country to fight paralysis - Fox 5 San Diego

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Once-paralyzed supercross rider Jimmy Button to bicycle cross-country to raise money for spinal cord research

Supercross rider Jimmy Button vividly remembers the accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Remembers it as if it happened only yesterday, instead of 11 years ago. "I can still remember it clear as day. It was one of those basic little falls -- I wasn't going very quickly at all -- I just fell down very slowly and hit at the wrong speed and at the wrong angle. It pinched my spinal cord and I had instantaneous paralysis," Button told Outposts. read more...

Archview MX Park M4M Fundraiser:
Ex-motocross rider embarks on new journey to help others

Jimmy Button could have held a golf tournament to raise money for spinal cord research. Or hosted a celebrity poker tournament. Or started a Facebook campaign.

It wasn't enough. Not nearly enough for the former motocross star who has spent the past decade slowly, painfully recovering from a career-ending crash in San Diego that initially left him paralyzed from the neck down.. "I wanted to do something that was ridiculously difficult or ridiculously crazy," Button said.

Jimmy Button to ride again, for charity

The last time Jimmy Button exited San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium, he was in an ambulance, strapped to a stretcher and paralyzed from the neck down after a horrific motocross accident during practice. With a bruised spinal cord at his second and third vertebrae, Button was told he would likely never walk -- let alone ride -- again.

The next time Jimmy Button exits San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium, he will do so via the power of his now-working legs, pedaling a bicycle and kick-starting a cross-country quest to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries and help those who can no longer help themselves.. read more...

Jimmy Button's Miles for Miracles Journey

San Diego, CA – Jimmy Button, former motocross champion, will cycle 2,428 miles from San Diego, California to Daytona Beach, Florida beginning February 20, 2011 benefiting Miles for Miracles. Miles for Miracles’ goal is to raise money and awareness for the very important research that is going on that could end the suffering a person goes through after having injured their spinal cord. read more...

Every Mile A Miracle - article by Jen Sheppard
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Former paralysis sufferer prepares to pedal cross-country for charity: Ben Delaneym Nov 26th 2010

Button and his longtime trainer, Cory Worf, plan to ride 60 miles a day, from San Diego to Daytona Beach.

It was just a dumb crash — hitting a hole going 2 miles an hour — but it would change his life.

Motocross champ Jimmy Button was warming up for the third round of the Supercross Championships at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium when his front wheel dipped into a hole, pitching him off the bike at an awkward angle.

“Everything went cold and numb. I was paralyzed instantly,” Button said.

Button was completely paralyzed for eight weeks, and doctors were telling him to prepare for life in a wheelchair, when one day he willed a single finger to barely move. read more...